Nova East Wind to develop Canada’s First Offshore Wind Project off Goldboro Nova Scotia

Nova East Wind Inc, a joint venture between DP Energy and SBM Offshore, was established to develop Canada’s first offshore wind farm. The proposed floating offshore wind farm project, with a generation capacity of 300-400 MW, would be located approximately 20-30km off Goldboro, Nova Scotia.

This stepping-stone project has the potential to kickstart an exciting new industry in Nova Scotia, contributing to the decarbonization of the local electricity grid, in support of the Province’s 2030 goal of generating 80% of its electricity from renewable sources.

The growing project team was set-up in 2021 and has been actively engaging with stakeholders and other interested parties in Nova Scotia to understand local constraints and opportunities. The team has primarily focused on identifying and adopting environmental, regulatory, supply chain, workforce, and construction best practices as the project develops.

The precise location of the wind farm will be determined following relevant regulations and further engagement with key stakeholders and right holders such as First Nations, governments, commercial fishers, local communities, environmental groups, and industry regulators.

Simon De Pietro, CEO of DP Energy, said: “We are delighted to announce our new floating offshore wind project with partner SBM Offshore, the first of its kind in Canada. Nova East Wind’s project off Goldboro is an important step in Nova Scotia’s renewable energy journey which we are incredibly excited to be a part of. Our local team has been actively engaging with communities and stakeholders in Nova Scotia since 2021 and these groups will continue to be at the core of this project going forward.”

Ambroise Wattez, Director of Project Development at SBM Offshore, said: “SBM Offshore has been active in Nova Scotia for many years, and we are delighted to write a new chapter of the offshore industry here, with our partner DP Energy. We are very pleased to announce Nova East Wind’s project off Goldboro today, bringing our contribution to the energy transition in Canada. We intend to do so with a special attention to local workforce, supply chain and communities to kickstart Nova Scotia’s floating offshore wind sector responsibly.”

DP Energy and SBM Offshore have significant experience working in Nova Scotia to help advance the region’s offshore energy ambitions. This includes acquiring in-depth understanding of local regulatory practices and building a successful track record of local partnerships and business associations.